• Watch me grow

    As part of my exhibition in the QUT IVD Graduate Show, Near + Far, I have designed a brand new set of business cards. The cards have been created as I wanted to have something tangible for prospective employers and collaborators to take with them. The business cards entitled Watch me grow invite the audience to follow my journey by directing them to my website. The cards are handmade and eco-friendly. The seeded paper allows the card to be planted, growing beautiful Swan River Daisies. The website address is perforated to encourage the audience to keep the address but recycle the rest.
  • Beanie for the Needy

    Most people are aware of homelessness, some encounter it everyday but do we really understand its impacts and effects on our community? Beanie for the Needy is a portfolio of information designs that serve as a tool to raise awareness and generate beneficial change for those affected by homelessness. The data used is based on a recent survey of homelessness in Brisbane by 500 Lives 500 Homes. By following the crochet pattern and using the infographic, the audience is invited to create beanies with their own interpretation of the data. Variables such as the colour of the wool, thickness of the wool and size of the beanie can be used to convey the variables of the data such as age, location and gender. It is hoped that together these artefacts can transform passive citizens into involved citizens, creating social change and helping the homeless.
  • Design Process Infographic

    My design process infographic encapsulates my design style through the use of composition, colour and design thinking. When considering how to design my process visually I thought about how the audience could participate in the process. My design process infographic is to be printed out so that the audience can follow the process by folding the paper as instructed. This interactive process is meant to be a bit of fun but can also help the audience engage with and learn from the process. While the infographic describes my process of design, the instructions and folding required also elicits a design. This novel approach is principled by the idea that form follows function.
  • Cybersmart Infographic

    A recent ACMA report found that although the likelihood of children performing risk behaviours online or experiencing cyberbullying increased with age, parental supervision decreased. These findings reinforce the importance of educating parents about cybersafety issues and encouraging them to talk to their children about cybersafety issues. The information design has been created to highlight these findings in the hope to educate parents about how their children are using the Internet and to highlight the cybersafety issues relevant to their child’s age. The information design also serves as a reminder of the importance of parental supervision in protecting the online safety and privacy of their child.
  • Logo Design

    Examples of freelance logo design work.